Pokhara Local Events

There are numerous festivals, cultural celebrations, and events in Pokhara throughout the year that you can enjoy. Religious rituals are a part of daily life in Nepal and so it often feels like there is always something happening. Check below for the latest Pokhara events, festivals and news so you can plan your Pokhara holiday accordingly.

Place: Gupteshwor Mahadev Temple and all over Pokhara  (10 Mar 2018 )

Shivaratri in Sanskrit stands for 'the Night of Lord Shiva' and one of the most sacred occasions for Lord Shiva's devotees. Hindu mythology describes Shiva as the god of all gods.This festival is celebrated by Hindus all over Nepal and abroad at all the temples of Shiva.

Shivaratri in Sanskrit stands for 'the Night of Lord Shiva' and one of the most sacred occasions for devotees of Lord Shiva. Hindu mythology describes Shiva as the god of all gods.

Place: Pokhara and all parts of Nepal  (26 Mar 2018 )

A wild play with colours and water makes Holi (Fagu Poornima) a time of fun and revelry to everyone in Nepal. If you stay in the Lakeside area of Pokhara during Holi, you are likely to come across

Ram Nawami
Place: Temples of Lord Ram  (31 Mar 2018 )

Ram Nawami is celebrated by Hindus all over Nepal as a commemoration of the victory of Ram (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu) in the fierce battle with the mighty army of Lanka (then ruled by Rawan), between Rawan.

Nepalese New Year
Place: Lakeside, Pokhara City, and all over Nepal  (13 Apr 2018 )

Like New Year celebrations across the world, the official New Year in Nepal starts in an atmosphere of delight and enjoyment. This time of the year also happens to be one of the favourite seasons for tourism in Pokhara and other destinations in Nepal.

Buddha Jayanti
Place: World Peace Pagoda and other Buddhist shrines  (06 May 2018 )

Buddha Jayanti is celebrated every year on the full moon day to commemorate the birth, enlightenment, and death of Lord Buddha because all of these most important events in the life of Buddha are believed to have happened on this very day.

Ropain Festival
Place: Lakeside and all over Pokhara  (29 Jun 2018 )

Ropain Festival, also known as Asar 15, is celebrated mostly by farmers of the Terai and Inner-Terai regions of Nepal to mark the day they plant new seedlings of rice crop of the year in their paddies.

Haritalika (Teej)
Place: Pokhara and all over Nepal  (31 Aug 2018 )

Haritalika is a Hindu festival, celebrated exclusively by Nepalese women (of Brahmin and Chhetri ethnicities). Most people call it by its popular name, Teej.

Vijaya Dashami (Bada Dashain)
Place: Pokhara and all over Nepal  (06 Oct 2018 )

The tenth and the most important day of Dashain, Vijaya (Bijaya) Dashami (also, Bada Dashain or Tika), marks the conclusion of the truth vs. falsity battle, reminding everyone that truth always prevails, sooner or later.

Place: Pokhara and all over Nepal  (16 Oct 2018 - 29 Oct 2018 )

Dashain transports the most sustained festive bliss among the people of Nepal as it is their longest, most important festival of the year.

Maha Astami
Place: Temples of Goddess Durga  (22 Oct 2018 )

Two days before Vijaya Dashami, Nepalis celebrate Maha Astami, exhibiting tantric rituals of sacrificing animals to their deities.

Maha Nawami
Place: Durga temples in all parts of Nepal  (23 Oct 2018 )

On this day, animal sacrifices are offered to vehicles and other tools by most Nepalis, while Newars offer additional sacrifices to their family deities (kul devata).

Deepawali (Tihar)
Place: All over Nepal  (11 Nov 2018 - 15 Nov 2018 )

Do not miss the spectacular displays of traditional oil-lamps, candles and electrical lamps prepared especially to mark the cheerful celebrations of Deepawali (Tihar) in the Lakeside area as well as other places in Pokhara.