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Seated in the privileged place in Bandipur means that Gaun Ghar is far removed from the crowd and pollution of the cities of Nepal. Moreover, Bandipur itself, originally a Magar settlement followed by the Newars, carries such an attraction in its unspoilt Newari culture that you fully immerse into its ambience. Here, you take a tour back into the times of history as far as the beginning of the nineteenth century, when the Newars from Kathmandu first started settling here. The 15 exquisitely rebuilt rooms of Gaun Ghar carry much of that appeal of medieval Nepal, making your stay a worthwhile experience.

With your stay in Gaun Ghar, you shall feel the traditional Nepalese life inside-out, enjoying the Nepalese way of hospitality inside a construction displaying the traditional architecture and artisanship.

Gaun Ghar is located in the central area of the small yet renowned town of Bandipur, at an approximate distance of 62 km from Pokhara.


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Hotel Address: Bandipur Town, Bandipur

Getting there

If you are starting from Pokhara, go to Prithvi Chowk and drive along the Mugling - Pokhara Highway as far as Dumre. It will take roughly 90 minutes for you to reach the Bandipur Gate on the right side of the highway, soon after getting past the market area of Dumre (Dumre Bazar). If you take one of the public buses or the so-called micro-buses departing for Kathmandu or Chitwan from Prithvi Chowk, make sure you get off at this gate.

Bandipur is 8 kms from this gate, and the road is coated, but it will take you at least 30 minutes to cover that distance, mainly because the road is narrow and winding all the way up. Follow the information boards or get help from the local people to find a paid-parking space and park your vehicle safely. You have no other option but to take a walk through this well-conserved historical town, and in less than 5 minutes you will have reached the boutique resort called Gaun Ghar. Local buses to Bandipur are available at Dumre (Bandipur Gate) at intervals of one hour and as late as 4 PM.

If you are starting from Kathmandu or Chitwan, take a bus destined for Pokhara, get off at the Bandipur Gate (Dumre) and then follow the instructions given above.