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Hotel Lake Star provides the guests with the full range of modern services and facilities in order to ensure them a luxurious time. As there are a number of hotels in Lakside Pokhara running for years, the owners of this hotel are fully aware of the tough competition and are determined to take their hotel into the new heights of hospitality services, thus building goodwill and reputation of its own.

Hotel Lake Star has a fine restaurant and a bar of its own. The restaurant serves a variety of dishes like Indian, Nepali, Chinese, American, Japanese, and Continental; catering to all kinds of tastes. Come to the hotel, feel the warmth of Nepalese hospitality, the eagerness to serve, and return with full satisfaction.

The hotel is located at Barahi Marg, in the Lakeside neighbourhood of Pokhara.


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Hotel Address: Lakeside, Pokhara

Getting there

From Pokhara Tourist Bus Park, take the main road to Lakeside, and drive as far as Barahi Chowk. From there, turn right and take the street named Barahi Marg. You will find the hotel on the left side of that street, about 300 m from Barahi Chowk.

If you arrive in Pokhara by air, get from Pokhara Airport to Pokhara Tourist Bus Park and follow the instructions given above.

You can also request paid pickup service when you place your booking.