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Nothing is too flashy at Hotel Raraa and simplicity prevails. No false promises are made and the best of what your money can buy is offered, which of course includes a clean place to stay and good food for your appetite. The location is peaceful and convenient. The surrounding views are simply exotic.

Hotel Raraa lies in the northern area of Lakeside, approximately 3 kms from Pokhara Airport and 2.5 km from the Tourist Bus Park.


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Hotel Address: Lakeside, Pokhara

Distance to attraction points:

Getting there

Take the main road to Lakeside from the airport via Mustang Chowk and Camping Site. After driving past the former Royal Palace, you will see shops and small buildings on the right side of the road. Take the right sub-road about 200 metres ahead. Within 2 minutes you will locate the hotel. The ride normally takes about 8 minutes and costs USD 3-4 from the airport.

From the Tourist Bus Park it takes about 5 minutes to reach the hotel and the cost is about USD 2-3.