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Ever since its establishment 2006, Hotel Sakura has been paying utmost attention to the most essential norms of hospitality like cleanliness, promptness and reliability. Owing to its effective management, the hotel has proven that such qualities do not necessarily require a very high cost. Since the proprietors themselves manage most of the operations, the operational costs are significantly minimised, allowing them to set very competitive rates for the services they offer.

Although not perfectly fluent, the hosts are able to communicate with English, French, Japanese, Indian and Korean guests in their respective languages. They also care enough to understand the individual needs of traveller and treat them with a personal touch so that they can feel like being with their own family.

The location of the hotel is quite convenient as it is situated by Barahi Marg, less than a hundred metres towards the north of Barahi Chowk of Lakeside area. Views of the magnificent Fewa Lake on the south side and of the Himalayan range on the north side will definitely add to your experience. When you are in need, the hotel also provides extra services like tour planning, ticketing arrangements, free luggage storage, etc.

Hotel Sakura is located by the side of Barahi Marg, the street towards the north of Barahi Chowk, about 3 km from Pokhara Airport and 2.5 km from Tourist Bus Park.


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Hotel Address: Lakeside, Pokhara

Distance to attraction points:

Getting there

While driving from Pokhara Airport, you turn right at Mustang Chowk and head directly to Barahi Chowk. Once you are there, turn right along Barahi Marg and about 60 meters ahead, you will find Hotel Sakura on the left side of the street. The drive hardly takes 10 minutes under normal traffic conditions.

The usual cost for a taxi ride from the airport would be NPR 250 while from Tourist Bus Park, it would cost about NPR 150.