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Hotel Stupa may not be the cheapest among the budget hotels one would find after a long hunt, but it would be definitely the most appealing one to those who wish to get all the juice out of their investment. Since the hotel is owned by a very caring Pun family, best known for their welcoming attitude, you will never be treated like a stranger.

The entire facility carries a soothing atmosphere and you can easily find enough space in either the lawn or the garden to laze and enjoy the sun and fresh air. The architecture and decor of the lobby, restaurant and rooms appear to be in perfect harmony. Some brilliant paintings of Nepalese people fixed on the walls, the statue of Buddha in the corner adjacent to the lobby and most of the furniture and handicrafts on display can give you a better understanding of Nepalese arts and culture.

The restaurant serves delicious and fresh food, mostly comprised of the seasonal vegetable grown in the organic farm located behind the hotel. All the staff as well as attendants are very polite and perfect in their designated duties. Overall, this hotel is suitable for individuals, families or groups, who are conscious of the quality of services and at the same time, do not want to spend unwisely.
The owners of Hotel Stupa come from a Pun (pronounced: poon) family, who are also permanent residents there. You can learn more about their history if you like by joining Mrs. Pun in the gardened during the daytime. Sachin, their young and talented son, can be seen supervising the operations during his free time.

The management of the hotel is led by Gautam Shrestha, an experienced and friendly person. Gautam pays proper attention to the guests and offers immediate solutions when he is called for help. Besides, Gautam is known to influence the entire staff so that they as always treating the guests with a positive attitude and honesty. Ask him for any service you may need and see how readily he carries out your request or order and saves you from any sort of hassles.