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Hotel The Kantipur comprises of two identical arrays of pagoda styled buildings that merge seamlessly in front forming a beautiful structure with two winding staircases rising from the porch to the first floor. Deluxe rooms are distributed in these buildings whereas Suites are present in separate medium sized villas.

The hotel caters typical Nepalese hospitality and several value added services with the kind of friendliness that tourists seek from the Himalayan land. The staff who are trained by European experts and serving under an efficient management understand their duties very well and are equally responsive.

Sundar Kumar Shrestha awaits your arrival at Hotel the Kantipur, which he has been managing for the past 22 years. He opened the hotel with a heartfelt desire of keeping traditions of Kantipur city (Kathmandu) that once used to inspire many poets and artists.

Mr. Shrestha is the President of Pokhara Tourism Council and also has been the president of Rotary Club. He is an active participant of several community based programs in his locality.