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Shangri-La Village Resort is not simply a hotel or a resort, but is truly a village of peace blessed by Mother Nature where happiness is derived from every step. The 'village' itself seems to be alive, in a perfect symbiosis of beautiful natural heritage, rich cultural arts, old Nepalese traditions dating back centuries and modern age facilities.

Normal 0 Gupta Bahadur Singh Giri is the Front Office Manager of Shangri-La Village Resort. When you meet him, you will get the feeling that he is absolutely cut out for his job, because he is obviously passionate about it, and seems to know how to make you feel instantly at home in his hotel.

The chairperson of Shangri-La Village Resort is a successful businessman, Shyam Bahadur Pandey who has had a wonderful forty plus years' experience in hospitality management. He is also the proud owner of the 5-star Hotel Shangri-La in Kathmandu.

Shyam's love for Nepal and attachment with Nepalese traditions inspired him to do something that would represent his country in the international arena and in the long run, become a legend in itself. It was when he met Desmond Doig, another great admirer of Nepal that his dreams started taking shape. Hotel Shangri-La of Kathmandu opened its gates in 1979 and Shyam found Desmond as the best person to count on for its operation.

In 1990, Shyam took a step further and went on to build his highly acclaimed resort in Pokhara. He chose the very spot from where Toni Hagen had captured the world famous panorama of the Annapurna Range on film about 57 years ago.