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For seekers of true solace and a liveable seclusion during their trip to Pokhara, The Butterfly Lodge is a definite choice.

The lodge is composed of simple 2-storeyed buildings resembling the houses seen in villages and small towns of Nepal. To match the surrounding greenery, they are painted in 2-3 contrasting shades of green. They are either roofed with corrugated sheets or have sunny rooftops with railings round the edges.

The best feature of the property is the big green garden. Varieties of plants and trees and plenty of free space make it suitable for all seasons. Benches, shades, collapsible couches, swings, etc. are available for relaxation and for any other purpose you deem fit.

Govinda Raj Pahari, President of Regional Hotel Association Pokhara, founded The Butterfly Lodge in 1976 and his family has been managing it ever since.

Govinda, who has visited several countries in Europe and America and met with dignitaries of all sorts, has never failed to formulate effective ways of bettering the socioeconomic status of the people in rural and underdeveloped parts of Nepal.

After having worked in such projects for 20 years, he founded The Butterfly Foundation in 2003 on his own land. With financial support from his lodge, this foundation is helping the deprived families of Kaski District.

His family members are also volunteering at the foundation, which provides free babysitting to working class mothers and runs community based education programs that includes kids to senior citizens. The Pahari family invites you to be a part of their mission and to experience how it feels when a small contribution from you can better the lives of others.