Place: Pokhara and all parts of Nepal  (26 Mar 2021 )

Like all other cities of Nepal, Pokhara becomes alive and full of activities during Holi (Fagu Poornima). The scenery of youths with variety of colours painted on their face, obviously grotesque looking, roaming through city streets in small bands looks pretty much like a carnival unfolding. Most probably, your hotel in Pokhara also throws some special Holi celebrations, and encourage guests to participate.

Like other festivals celebrated in the country, Holi also carries its own cultural significance with different legends and interpretations attached to it. Some people see it as a welcome extended to the spring season and a farewell to the chill of winter because playing Holi involves profuse use of water which is hard to touch in winter. The colours again correspond to the colors of nature in myriad blossoming and sprouting of leaves in the trees in spring season. But the others view it as an occasion symbolizing the burning of evil embodied by a mythical female character Holika, hence the name Holi for the festival.

Whatever its importance or meaning, all the people participate in the festival with full fervor and joy. So why stay aloof if you chance to be in the city at the time? Here is at least a day that allows you to abandon the monotony of your everyday life and be one with the excitement happening in the streets.