Nepalese New Year

Place: Lakeside, Pokhara City, and all over Nepal  (13 Apr 2021 )

People engage in merry-making from the New Year's Eve, wish each other good times ahead, while the hotels and restaurants in the city are colourfully decorated for the occasion and different programs are organised to mark the occasion.

As a multicultural nation, some ethnicities of Nepal have their own calendars and hence distinct New Year’s Day. However, this day is generally celebrated as a common occasion by all the people. This is the first day of Bikram Sambat, the official calendar system followed in Nepal, which enters into the 2068th year this time. As it is observed as an official holiday, everyone is in the mood of leisure and relaxation. Since the year starts in mid-spring when the entire natural world is engaged in procreation, the new beginning is considered very propitious symbolising progress and prosperity.

To party goers and nightlife lovers, this is a perfect time to find several appealing programmes organised by the local restaurants, pubs and resorts in the Lakeside area and other parts of Pokhara. Street festivals, live music, food festivals and cultural shows some of such activities you should keep an eye on.