Ropain Festival

Place: Lakeside and all over Pokhara  (29 Jun 2021 )

This festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the month of Asar (the third month of Bikram Sambat), marked as the longest day of the year. Hence, farmers tend to finish as much of their tasks as possible on this day. The next Ropain festival falls on June 29, 2012. In Pokhara they also invite tourists to join the celebrations of the day. Ropain in Nepali meansĀ rice plantation.

Farmers usually gather in their paddies and plantĀ seedlings using their bare hands. They sing their traditional Ropain song while working, and wrestle (in a symbolic manner, just for fun) in the muddy fields during breaks.

In the recent years, Pokhara Tourism Council has been organising a special event on this day for tourists as an effort to bring them closer to Pokhara locals and to popularise the city as a monsoon destination. You are cordially invited to join the celebrations, often carried out in the paddy fields near the Fewa Lake.

Unless you get involved, you would not believe how much fun you can have in the paddies learning and doing what the local farmers do. Your clothes may get muddy, but that will be worth it all! Besides, you will get to enjoy "Dahi Chiura" (mixture of curd and beaten rice), served as the treat of the day to the participants. Not to forget, dancing to the Panchebaja and Sarangi with the zealous and friendly locals will be a priceless experience.