Weather in Pokhara

Thanks to the sudden change of altitude, rainfall is common in Pokhara and the area receives more than 4000mm per year. Within Pokhara, too, the rainfall can vary from one part of the city to the other. The southern area near the lake and the northern areas by the mountains can be quite different. Pokhara is part of a sub tropical climatic belt but the weather is mostly moderate, with temperatures between 25 and 35°C (77 - 95°F) in summer and 5 and 15°C (41 - 59°F) in winter.

Check out our comprehensive six-day Pokhara weather forecast below to help you plan your weekly activities.

Six-day forecast (Details)°F | °C
Mar 21
Hi:  28°C
Lo:  12°C
Mar 22
Hi:  29°C
Lo:  13°C
Mar 23
Hi:  29°C
Lo:  14°C
Mar 24
Hi:  29°C
Lo:  15°C
Mar 25
Hi:  30°C
Lo:  15°C
Mar 26
Hi:  30°C
Lo:  15°C