Beyond Pokhara

Ghalegaun - An Introduction

Ghalegaun offers a unique taste of the indigenous Gurung culture, customs, and hospitality with perfect community co-ordination. A scenic village set in the lap of Lamjung Himal, the Ghale and Gurung ethnicities here live in about 100 houses, all featuring the basic accommodation for the tourists capable of providing exemplary homestay services.

This village has become an icon for the community managed hospitality promoting rural tourism in the entire Nepal. Of particular importance is the fact that the ethnic groups in this village are generally regarded the marginalised and backward groups in Nepal. Their cooperation at the local level has roundly disproved the stereotypes attached with such designation. Even more interesting is the leading role and active participation of women in developing this village into a popular destination. Every guests entering here shall leave with an indelible memory of being welcomed and seen off with garlands by the village mother group. The parting specially shall be an event to cherish, as the people sing and dance in accompaniment of their musical instruments inviting you for a second visit.

The villagers have ensured that equal number of guests visit and stay in all the houses, thereby arranging equal sharing of benefits by all the members of the community. All the houses are neat and clean, and all have proper toilets in them. Guests here are served hygienic, mostly organic food that the villagers prepare in their kitchen.